Low Impact Cardio Workout For Seniors

With increasing age, the physical activity of a person decreases, which causes many diseases, such as arthritis, joint pain, heart disease, etc. In such a situation, age is not a hindrance when you focus on low impact cardio workout, or in simple language, doing simple exercise can give you many benefits.

Here we have prepared an article for low impact cardio workout for seniors in which you will learn about effective and safe cardio exercises, which will bring positive changes in your life and make you active in old age.

Along with improving your heart health, these cardio exercises also give relief from stress and various minor problems like joint pain, arthritis etc.

This will boost your energy and keep blood pressure  under control. By doing so, these exercises also build your aerobic capacity and can effectively raise your heart rate to a safe heart rate.

Effective Low Impact Cardio Workout For Seniors

Here we will discuss some effective cardio exercises which will be very beneficial for senior citizens, adopt these regularly and also take care of the interval between each exercise, like after one exercise give 1 minute rest for the other.

#1. Do Skating

Skaters – To do this, first of all take your right leg back and then start with the curtsey lunge position, for this it is necessary to have balance in your hands, the video of skaters exercise will be available to you on the internet, according to that, do this exercise. please follow.

#2. Do Squat And Jab

Squat and Jab simply means boxing in the air while remaining in a certain exercise position. For this, first of all you stand in the position and then do a cross body punch, and again repeat this cross body punch while sitting.

This is the main exercise of your cardio exercise. It will bring significant positive changes in your body.

#3. Do Side Steps

There should be enough space around you to do this cardio exercise, start slowly by doing squats. For this, you should bend your leg down 45 degrees and take your right leg slightly to the side and then turn it towards the right and try to join it with the left leg. Repeat this process in the opposite direction also.

This will provide relief from your arthritis, joint pain etc.

#4. Chair Exercise 

This exercise is very good for senior citizens because it involves only sitting, moving hands, bending and lifting legs. It is very good for heart health. And reduces stress. This is the best example of a low impact cardio workout for seniors

#5. Do Butt kickers

Spread your legs slightly and bend your leg backward, moving your heel toward your butt. Doing this will strengthen your lower butt and you will feel more healthy. This is also a good example of low impact cardio workout for seniors.

#6. Marching In Place

Marching in place with your knees slightly elevated is a very effective low impact cardio exercise. And do this for about 2 minutes. It may be a challenge in the beginning but do not give up and keep doing this exercise continuously, it brings strength in your thigh and hip.

#7. Walking

Walking is the simplest form of cardio exercise for senior citizens, it is as simple as it is effective.

You do not need any other equipment for this.Spend about 1 hour daily on walking, out of which try to walk briskly for 30 minutes. By doing this, this low impact of cardio exercise will have a positive effect on seniors.

#8. Cycling

One of the best cardio exercises is cycling. It also has a positive effect on knee pain and heart disease. Cycling outside in the morning or evening is a good cardio exercise for senior citizens.

If you do it regularly you will notice increased energy and leg strength.

#9. Jumping Jack

To do this, take your right leg out and bring your arms above your head and keep your arms bent at the sides, while doing this, put your entire weight on your right leg. Do this once and then repeat the process with the left leg.

This cardio exercise proves to be helpful in burning maximum calories, it will stretch your muscles and you will be able to feel more energetic.

#10. Dancing

Dancing is a form of cardio exercise, which not only relieves your stress by giving you entertainment but also works to increase your heart rate, it also teaches you to stay in balance in old age, thereby reducing your risk of falling. This is a good example of a simple and low impact cardio workout for seniors.

Points to keep in mind while doing low impact cardio workout for seniors

Here some important points have been focused on from the safety point of view of senior citizens, which is important to pay attention to.

#1. The first thing to be noted is that if you are suffering from any serious or general health related disease, then you should start cardio workout only after medical consultation so that you can take care of your health safely.

#2. If you have not been exercising for a long time or you are new to exercise and now you want to start cardio exercise, then you have to make sure that you start the exercise with small sessions, as you gain experience in it, you will increase your Can increase the intensity.

#3. To do cardio workout, you have to especially see how much water you drink throughout the day, you need to stay hydrated throughout the day, for this you can take not only water but also other fluids like fresh fruit juice etc. This will make your low impact cardio workout successful.

#4. Start the exercise with a light warm up, preferring exercises done while standing at one place. After that move on to other exercises.

Benefits Of Cardio Workout 

There are countless benefits of cardio exercise but in this article we are specifically discussing low impact cardio exercise for seniors, so according to seniors, cardio exercise not only reduces their stress and anxiety but also improves their heart health.

Following are some of the points discussed here with the help of which you can gather information about the benefits of cardio exercise.

#. Beneficial in weight loss

It proves to be effective in weight loss by taking the workout of senior citizens in the right direction.

Exercise reduces body fat and burns calories, ultimately leading to weight loss.

#. Helpful in reducing stress

Exercise keeps a person busy throughout the day, and most importantly it produces endorphins in the body which are chemicals effective in relieving stress.

#. Improves heart health

Exercise keeps your heart rate increasing, and this has a positive effect on your heart, which is very beneficial for a senior citizen.

#. Improve sleep

Most of the senior citizens complain of lack of sleep, in such a situation medical consultation also advises exercise. Because exercising activates the muscles of the body which make you feel tired, which effectively increases your sleep.

#. Improve Brain Health 

Improvement in brain health means improvement in memory, that is, with increasing age, the tendency of humans to forget increases, which has been shown by studies. That you can reduce this problem by doing cardio exercise.

From these above points you can understand the importance of low impact cardio workout for seniors.

#Note – It is important to look at some important points, you cannot ignore it like you always have to listen to your body while doing exercise, if you are not able to follow the exercise continuously for 1 or 2 minutes then you need to stop there. , and if you are able to do this then you should increase your efforts.As a result of your exercise, you should continue exercising.

If you are conscious about your health and you feel that your health is not good then before doing cardio exercise you should take medical advice.This will play an important role in the direction of low impact on cardio workout for seniors.


Low-impact cardio exercise has a very positive effect on your health and it plays an even more important role for senior citizens – it becomes necessary to avoid many types of diseases in the body as the age increases. Take help of workouts like low impact cardio, this will not make you work too hard and you will also be able to take good care of your health.

The above article mentions how important cardio exercise is for a senior citizen.

In short, senior citizens should add cardio exercise to their daily routine to overcome their cardiovascular disorders or increase cardiovascular endurance.

This is the perfect definition of low impact on cardio workout for seniors. It is beneficial for other disorders of your body like arthritis, joint pain, gas problem, diabetes, blood pressure control, etc.

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